CPR makes a difference and an AED saves lives

img_communityA cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating and can lead to death if not treated within minutes.

Your chance of surviving a cardiac episode is directly related to the ability of those around you, your friends, your neighbors and your family, to provide adequate CPR and AED care.

The rate of survival after a cardiac episode drops by 10% for every one minute that an AED machine is delayed in being used.

By learning CPR techniques and how to use an AED machine you are securing the health and safety of your community.

The Good Samaritan Law

All 50 states have enacted Good Samaritan laws that give legal protection to people who willingly give emergency care to an ill or injured person without accepting anything in return.

The “Good Samaritan” is only required to:

  • Act in good faith
  • Not be deliberately negilent or reckless
  • Act within the scope of his or her training
  • Not abandon the person after starting to give care

For more information read – NYS Public Health Law, Article 30

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