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Manhattan – based Certify Prepare Respond (a division of BK Fitness, LLC) is a new company offering CPR/AED & First Aid training to families, small groups and corporations. What makes this company unique is they will customize the course to your specific needs and bring it to you — in the comfort of your home or office so that you can Save a Life with CPR.

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On October 18th 2010 new guidelines on how to perform CPR will be released. After the most rigorous scientific review on Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) ever conducted, ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) will alter the rules on how to save a life. National certification organizations around the world, such as the American Heart Association and American Red Cross, eagerly await the release of the findings of ILCOR’s review.


The previous guidelines were established by ILCOR in 2005 and have formed the basis of every CPR class since then. Everyone trained after 2005, from doctors and paramedics to sports coaches and security staff, has learnt these lifesaving techniques; but now the rules are going to change, for the better.


“It’s a win-win situation every time new [CPR] guidelines are released,” says Marc Fowler, director of training at Certify Prepare Respond.


“Most importantly, the techniques are more effective at saving lives. The new material allows us to incorporate more modern teaching strategies (such as covering much of the material online through an e-learning option) so that when people come into class they are better prepared to focus on more effective streamlined skills, which is always exciting.


“The result is a collection of courses that are accessible to everyone because classes will be able to fit into an afternoon or a lunch break. This will increase the number of survivors of cardiac emergencies and that has always been the ultimate goal. CPR training will become less about meeting a certification requirement and more about protecting family members, colleagues and the community as a whole.


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“We cover the New York Metropolitan area and specifically the Upper East Side. It is our goal to get the new guidelines for CPR into the hands of as many people as possible, which would mean a significant increase in CPR effectiveness across the city and more lives being saved.”


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